Three bonding projects go to vote next month

In addition to the referendum for the $124,234,645 proposed budget for fiscal year 2016, taxpayers will vote on three capital bonding projects next month following the Annual Town Meeting on Tuesday, May 5:

  • Improvements to Fire Station #2 on Ridgefield Road.

  • Paving of the Wilton High School and Middlebrook School parking lots.

  • Improvements to Middlebrook’s HVAC system.

Fire station

The town is seeking $90,000 in bonded funds to pay for an architectural and engineering study of the 60-year-old north Wilton firehouse at 707 Ridgefield Road.
Fire Chief Ronald Kanterman said the study would “determine exactly what needs to be completed” at the station.
“We are looking at raising the roof to allow for us to store the larger, more modern fire trucks there, HVAC [heating, ventilation, and air conditioning] equipment, duct work, windows, plumbing, electrical, appliances, re-arrangement of rooms and offices, well-water treatment system, [the building’s] exterior envelope [including the] roof, exterior finish [and] paving,” said Kanterman.
“We also need to prepare for the future and have women’s facilities installed.”

Parking lots

At a cost of $200,000 per lot, the town is looking to re-pave the parking lots at Middlebrook and the high school for a total of $400,000.
“It is my understanding that the portions of the parking lots which are scheduled for replacing were last paved approximately 20 years ago,” Board of Education Chair Bruce Likly told The Bulletin.
The proposal comes from the education board’s long-range capital bonding plan — unanimously approved on Feb. 5 — which also includes a later proposal of $200,000 to re-pave the Cider Mill parking lot in 2019-20.


The bonding proposal to replace Middlebrook’s HVAC system — or “chillers,” as referenced in the board’s long-range plan — would cost $500,000.
“The HVAC system that is being replaced is equally as old, if not older [than the last time the parking lots were paved],” said Likly.
“I was informed that it has served the town for longer than its normal life expectancy, which is a testament to the service our maintenance crew has provided.”
The project would involve not only replacing the HVAC equipment but related electrical system improvements at Middlebrook as well.

Town Meeting

The Annual Town Meeting will take place in the auditorium at Middlebrook School, 131 School Road, on Tuesday, May 5, at 7:30 p.m. The adjourned vote will take place Saturday, May 9, from 9 to 6, at the Clune Center, 395 Danbury Road.
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