Sensible Wilton delivers petition at Town Hall

Representatives from Sensible Wilton hand-delivered a petition calling for a revote on the Miller-Driscoll renovation to Wilton’s town clerk’s office today, Thursday Jan. 8.

According to both of Sensible Wilton’s representatives, Alex Ruskewich and Curt Noel, the total number of signatures collected was more than 1,100.

That amount doesn’t include the signatures of “snowbirds,” Mr. Ruskewich said, because mailed submissions were not accepted by the group.

Town officials have previously said the petition drive was futile, because town residents do not have the authority to petition for a revote on the school renovation.

Mr. Ruskewich conceded while dropping off the petitions that the town would probably do nothing regarding the petition, but said it was important to stay the course and draw attention to Sensible Wilton’s belief that there are repeated inconsistencies in the way the town’s finances are handled.

He called attention to the Comstock Community Center fiber-optics plan that “even took the Board of Finance by surprise” last November as one example.