Selling ads at high school stadium is proposed

Selectman David K. Clune is leading a drive to sell advertisements at Wilton High School stadium.

Money raised from selling ads, including printed banners visible to the home and guest bleachers, could help pay for maintenance of the new organic turf field being installed this summer, Clune told members of the Board of Selectmen.

“If you get get 20 companies participating, you’re looking at a considerable amount of money,” Clune said in his presentation to the selectmen, during a regular meeting Monday, July 18, at town hall.

The money could be in the range of $40,000 to $60,000, he said.

The selectmen appeared open to the concept of selling advertising, but some, including Dick Dubow, had questions about who would be responsible for ruling on which ads are appropriate or not.

The reception for the idea was warm.

“I think it’s worth pursuing. I do think it’s financially advantageous for the town,” said Selectman Michael P. Kaelin.

Clune said following the meeting he would likely form a committee or group to lead the advertising sales efforts at the stadium.

Clune said he must also introduce the ad sales idea to the Board of Education, the town planner and the town counsel.