Selectmen expand taping of P&Z meetings

It’s been a long time coming, but the Board of Selectmen at its meeting Nov. 20 formally approved videotaping the Planning and Zoning Commission meetings and making those videos available on the town’s website,

During the commission’s meeting on Jan. 11, commissioner Franklin Wong introduced the prospect of televising the meetings after being asked by “a number of people … why Planning and Zoning does not have a video broadcast,” he said.

Wilton’s Government Access channel, Cablevision Channel 79, broadcasts tape-delay presentations of the Board of Selectmen and Board of Finance meetings, as well as Annual Town Meetings and selected public meetings and hearings like those held by the Miller-Driscoll Building Committee.

The town also posts recordings of meetings and other events at, and Cablevision Channel 79’s on-the-air partner, The Wilton Education Channel, broadcasts Board of Education meetings on Cablevision Channel 78.

Now the board has also authorized audio availability of Conservation Commission and Inland Wetlands meetings, as well as meetings of the Parks and Recreation Commission.