Selectmen announce architects chosen for Comstock plan

A number of items were discussed at the Board of Selectmen meeting on Monday, Nov. 18, including the acceptance of a proposal by Quisenberry Arcari Architects LLC to head the renovation of the Comstock Community Center through the schematic design phase.

Judy Zucker, chairwoman of the Comstock building committee, gave her wholehearted support of the company.

She told the board the company’s fee proposals “fell within the May 12 bonding proposition” and that it has an “understanding of the challenges in the project. They are willing to think in the alternative to figure out solutions that are outside the box,” she said.

They are also very in tune with the need to be environmentally sustainable and energy-efficient, Selectman Jim Saxe said.

Rusty Malik, a principal with Quisenberry Arcari, said he has 30 years of experience with major public sector works, and his company is excited to be working with the town of Wilton.

“We know what a big project is like,” he said. “The best service we can give is through being personally involved.”

Roof projects

The Comstock and Middlebrook roofs have been completed, First Selectman Bill Brennan said. The projects were completed with $14,000 left “in the bank.”

Miller-Driscoll project

The Miller-Driscoll school building committee has received two schematic proposals from the project’s architect and will begin the process of selecting one soon, said Selectman Dick Dubow.

Turner Construction is preparing a preliminary cost analysis, he said, and will present it to the committee on Dec. 10.

Yankee Gas project

Mr. Brennan reported the Yankee Gas plan passed a Public Utility Regulatory Authority review, and no major changes have been requested.

Metro-North permits — to allow construction over a railroad bridge — have also been approved.

“A timeline and schedule is to come,” Mr. Brennan said. “It will start in the spring, with the intent of getting through the middle of town within the first two weeks in August.”

He also noted that Yankee Gas has switched its position on providing gas to residential neighborhoods.

“They’re very interested in residential gas,” Mr. Brennan said. “They want to get commercial done, then expand into residential. Not in the near future, but there is interest.”

Fire engine

The new fire engine ordered by the Wilton Fire Department should be ready by June, according to Mr. Saxe. He said on Monday the company building the truck — Marion Bodyworks — will be ready to start work in a “few weeks.”

Cost-of-living adjustment

The board voted to approve a cost-of-living adjustment for town employees’ retirement plans on Monday.

Members voted to increase the amount by 1.25%.

“We still have unfunded pension liability,” Selectman Hal Clark said. “One percent to 1.5% is the amount I’d feel comfortable with.”

New microphones

The board accepted a grant to help improve the audio recording capabilities in the town hall meeting room used for Board of Selectmen meetings on Monday. New equipment should be delivered “within months,” Mr. Brennan said.