Selectmen accept gifts

December is known as the month of giving, and that was no exception for gifts from the public to the town.

The Board of Selectmen at its meeting Dec. 19 accepted five gifts from the public for various charities the town is involved with.

“Yes, we are very grateful for the very generous gifts,” said Selectman Michael Kaelin. “The town benefits tremendously from gifts like these from people like these, who continually give to the Town of Wilton in every way they can.”

Chris Stroup, on behalf of the Stroup Family Fund, gave $500 to the Wilton Food Pantry.

Stanley H. Kovak and the Kovak Foundation gave $1,000 to the Wilton Senior Center.

George H. Ongley gave $75 to the fund to clean Kent Pond.

Christopher M. and Diana Isaacs gave $75 to the Fire Department Gift Fund.

William F. Brennan gave $1,600 for a park bench in the Wilton Center.

It was a good year for gifts to the town. One of the biggest gifts of the year was for the purchase of an all-terrain rescue vehicle and a trailer for the town’s rescue team.