School bus pickup resolved for new apartment building

At the end of the continued public hearing for the 30-unit mixed-income housing proposed for 31 Old Danbury Road Monday night, June 22, the Planning and Zoning Commission voted to amend the resolution, adding a sidewalk up to the school bus stop, which will remain at the corner of Station Road and Route 7.
The question of how to handle the bus stop brought up a greater issue.
The safe pickup of children falls under the jurisdiction of the Board of Education.
That said, it is the Planning and Zoning Commission’s responsibility to approve safe zoning plans.
“This is going to be 30 apartments; there’s going to be at least a dozen kids here. Our responsibility is to approve the development that is safe for those people,” said Commissioner Bas Nabulsi.
With that in mind, the commission decided to do what it could to solve the problem of safety for the school bus stop, which is a pressing matter due to the high volume of traffic on Route 7.
To do that, the commission passed a resolution that adds a sidewalk along the emergency access drive — to be constructed — up to the corner of Station Road and Route 7, offering a safe pedestrian connection for the children walking to the bus stop.
The commission also added language to the resolution that dictates rules for the safe removal of snow from the premises.