Rutishauser is new finance board chair

After seven years of serving as chair of the Board of Finance, Warren Serenbetz said it has been “long enough” and nominated Jeff Rutishauser to succeed him during the board’s Dec. 15 meeting.

“With the advent of a new administration on the Board of Selectmen side and a fairly new administration with the schools — Kevin Smith started last year around this time,” said Serenbetz, “I think that it's time to make a change here at the Board of Finance as well.”

Rutishauser served on the finance board from 2000 to 2004 and returned in 2013. His current term ends Nov. 30, 2017.

Serenbetz nominated Rutishauser to take his place as chair because he has been “very impressed” with his work “on looking at school spending and various formulaic views on that,” which, Serenbetz said, “shows good thinking” on Rutishauser’s part.

“I also think that his prior experience on the Board of Finance brings a perspective to the board that's unique and beneficial,” said Serenbetz.

After the board unanimously voted in favor of Serenbetz’s nomination, Rutishauser took a moment to recognize his predecessor’s seven years of service.

“It's one of the longest, if not the longest, in Wilton history,” said Rutishauser.

“On behalf of the existing members with you and the former members, we thank you for your service to the town of Wilton.”

Rutishauser nominated Serenbetz to serve as vice chairman, and the board unanimously approved.

Serenbetz told The Bulletin that board member Richard Creeth was re-elected clerk and board member John Kalamarides was moved over to the Other Post-employment Benefits Trust.

New finance board members Walter Kress and Peter Balderston were made representatives on the town's pension trust and Board of Education Budget Operations Committee, respectively.