Rebates will reduce HVAC bonding

During its April 19 meeting, the Board of Finance discussed what should be done with two rebate checks from Eversource as a result of the town’s conversion to natural gas.
“They are rebates in relation to the Middlebrook and Cider Mill boilers that we put in [and] we bonded for,” said Chief Financial Officer Anne Kelly-Lenz.
Finance board member Richard Creeth said Eversource uses the rebates, paid for with energy-efficiency fund money, to “incent organizations to make fuel-saving efficiencies.”
“This is an incentive payment from Eversource recognizing our reduced consumption and therefore reduced load,” he said. “In this case, it’s gas.”
Kelly-Lenz suggested using the checks to reduce by $202,000 the $500,000 bonding going out for the air conditioning and heating system at Middlebrook, voted on last year.
Although the Wilton Energy Commission would be “hoping to take some of these funds and put them in a designated fund to fund future projects,” said Creeth, who is also a co-chair on the energy commission, “I think it’s appropriate to reduce bonding because that will directly benefit taxpayers.”
The Board of Selectmen voted 4-1 to apply the rebate to lower the bonding at its meeting on April 18. The dissenting vote was Dick Dubow, who also expressed interest in creating a fund for future energy projects.