Public hearing set for age-restricted housing concepts

The Planning and Zoning Commission will conduct a public hearing Oct. 10 on the question of age-restricted housing. Young’s Nurseries has applied for amendments to the zoning regulations pertaining to assisted living, and affordable housing requirements in multi-family residential districts.
The hearing was set during a meeting Sept. 26 where there was brief discussion of Town Planner Bob Nerney’s latest memorandum on the subject.
Nerney, echoing a memo he issued on Aug. 19, said the multi-family version of housing for age 55 and older has density bonus incentives and also has affordable housing provisions applicable to multi-family only.
Nerney made his presentation at the Planning and Zoning Commission meeting at the town hall annex Sept. 12.
He explained that the concept would involve an overlay district, the combination of both scenarios within one development could be considered, and recreational requirements would apply.
It was the consensus of the commission to study the proposed draft regulation and provide input and suggestions going forward.
The single famly scenario and the multi-family scenario are included in the latest version of draft zoning amendments pertaining to age-restricted housing.
The single-family version would be somewhat similar to the River Ridge development on River Road, but would be restricted to age 55 or older for at least one occupant, with no occupant under the age of 21 permitted.
Commissioner Franklin Wong objected to the under-21 age restriction, which he felt was discriminatory. He also questioned enforcement of such a provision.
Nerney explained the by-laws would be filed in connection with prospective homeowners’ associations and that would probably be the primary monitoring agency in such a situation.