Public Works leads Wilton's operating capital budget request

The Department of Public Works leads the wish list in the town’s fiscal 2019 operating capital budget request, asking for $495,000 out of a total $1.2 million.

A large dump truck leads the list at $160,000. Then comes a bushwacker, a vehicle that trims brush alongside the road, at $140,000. There are other expenses marked for a pickup truck, plows, sanders, and small dump trucks.

The Board of Selectmen made the pitch for the operating capital budget to the Board of Finance during a meeting March 13 at town hall.

First Selectman Lynne Vanderslice explained that the operating capital budget is separate from the bonded capital budget, which will be outlined at a future meeting of the Board of Selectmen. That budget is expected to include a request for $1 million to renovate Firehouse 2.

The police department and Information Systems represent the next highest requests in the operating capital budget. The police ask for a total of $206,500, to buy items like $6,000 worth of radar equipment, $20,300 worth of computer equipment, $11,000 in communications equipment and $155,000 in vehicles.

Information Systems asks for a total of $135,000, including $55,000 in computer hardware, $50,000 in computer software, and $10,000 in fiber backbone.

The operating capital budget is paid for directly by town tax dollar support. The bonded capital budget is paid for with the issuance of municipal bonds, which must be paid back over time.