Portable classrooms at Miller-Driscoll?

The size, shape, and style of portable classrooms to be used at Miller-Driscoll School during its upcoming renovation will be discussed in the Town Hall Annex tonight, March 9.

The Planning & Zoning Commission will hold a public hearing tonight at 7:15.

According to assistant town planner Daphne White, Tai Soo Kim Architects is proposing the installation of a single portable classroom building, measuring 72 feet by 95 feet, on the southwest side of the school near existing recess equipment and a blacktop basketball court.

The building is slated to hold six classrooms, and will be attached to the "main body of the classroom wing" at Miller-Driscoll by an extension, Ms. White said.

The style of the classrooms proposed is unknown, as Tai Soo Kim has not "actually given any more information other than the floor plan" Ms. White said.

The application to install portable classrooms is submitted separately from the application for the renovation of Miller-Driscoll as a whole.


In a very close vote, the Miller-Driscoll School renovation vote passed 979-952. The turnout of 1,931 voters was 17%.

The project will cost just over $50 million. The state will reimburse the town about $6 million, leaving taxpayers to shoulder the remaining $44 million. That money will be borrowed in stages as work progresses.

According to Board of Education Chairman Bruce Likly, the project will proceed on the following schedule:

  • July 2015: Architects submit final design documents

  • September 2015: State approval for bidding

  • December 2015: Construction begins

  • December 2017: Project Completion

In total, the new school will have 45 classrooms with a plan to accommodate 880 students during any given school year. At any time, however, the maximum capacity of the school will stand at 930 students. The pre-K program would encompass five classrooms that would be able to serve 96 children. Not all pre-K children attend all day, every day.