No substantial change in Wilton's financial status report

Chief Financial Officer and Treasurer Sandra Dennies updated the Board of Finance on the town’s financial status report at the board’s Jan. 22 meeting.

“The status report truly has not changed substantially,” said Ms. Dennies.

“We are right on the money with revenues. Taxes are on target with 57.53% collected at the 50% mark of the year.”

Taxes are on target, said Ms. Dennies, because December collections are in advance of their actual due date in January.

Ms. Dennies said the town clerk’s office is doing “a fine job with conveyance taxes and other town clerk fee categories,” and licenses, permits and fees are better than anticipated.

“The finance department, alarms registration, health department and environmental health fees, were also up a little bit, so we had a pretty decent collection in our licenses, permits and fees,” she said.

Additionally, Ms. Dennies said, the town is doing well on its mortgage-backed securities.

“We’re seeing nice little gains,” said Ms. Dennies. “It’s really helping us out a lot.”

On the expenditure side, said Ms. Dennies, “Board of Selectmen operating is a little above the half-year mark.”

On the capital side, she said, “our major [procurements] in December were really hardware, software, the defibrillators for the police department, and three thermal energy cameras that were encumbered, and then we also had our payment for the Miller-Driscoll project.”

Since revenues start coming in the second half of the year, said Ms. Dennies, there aren’t many allocations form the state that arrive in December.

“In December, I don’t think there was a lot of activity going on between the November report and what will come up in January,” she said.

Ms. Dennies said tax income is doing well.

“It’s coming very strong this month,” she said.

“January is our tax collection month, so the greatest port of our revenues come in when the taxes are due — July and January.”

When it comes to notifying residents to pay their taxes, Ms. Dennies said  recommendations by the Board of Selectmen are followed.

“We put notices in the paper and on the website just to make certain that everybody gets reminded that they have their taxes in January.”

Online taxpaying is an option, she said, but no reminder is sent out with that.

“It is identified as a payment option in the information we’ve made available,” Ms. Dennies told the board. “It’s exceptionally affordable and we’re getting great usage of that.”

Ms. Dennies said she is  happy with the tax collections and thinks next month’s status report will show more variation in taxpaying methods from last month’s report.