New P& Z officers

There has been some shuffling around of officers at the Planning and Zoning Commission of late. New officers were elected at the commission’s Dec. 14 meeting, and then again on Monday, Jan. 25.
On Dec. 14, Lori Bufano nominated former Vice Chairman Sally Poundstone for the chairman’s role.
She was seconded by Joe Fiteni, and the commission voted all-in-favor, with the exception of Keith Rodgerson and Scott Lawrence, who being first-timers abstained out of courtesy.
Poundstone then nominated Bufano for the vice chairman position, was seconded by Peter Shiue, and again the vote was all-in-favor, excepting the new commissioners’ abstentions.
For secretary of the Planning and Zoning Commission, Joe Fiteni nominated the current officer, Doris Knapp, to another one-year term. He was seconded by Bufano, and, again, the vote was 6-0-2.
Vice Chairman Bufano, however, resigned from the Planning and Zoning Commission on Jan. 19, so that she could serve on the Board of Selectmen.
Accordingly, on Jan. 25, Poundstone nominated Joe Fiteni for to replace Bufano as vice chairman. He was elected by unanimous vote.
All Planning and Zoning Commission officers serve one-year terms.