It’s building season

Spring is here, and the Planning and Zoning Commission has a backlog of new applications.

Office campus iPark Norwalk, partially over the Wilton town line, is applying to amend sections of the town zoning regulations that pertain to design enterprise districts.

A public hearing for the application is scheduled for the May 9 meeting of the Planning and Zoning Commission.

Best Friends Total Pet Care wants to open a Wilton location, and it’s applying to allow a commercial kennel and veterinary hospital at 213 Danbury Road. Commissioners scheduled this public hearing for their April 25 meeting.

ASML is seeking permission to build an accessory parking garage at the site of its Wilton factory (Click here for story). ASML’s public hearing has been slated for May 9.

An application to allow the establishment of an accessory dwelling unit at 39 Powder Horn Hill Road was also entered. The commission put this on its May 23 agenda.