Grant will help preserve town records

During its Aug. 18 meeting, the Board of Finance accepted a $3,000 Historic Preservation Program Grant that would allow for the preservation of town records.
“This is a grant that’s given annually. It is for the preservation, conservation of records, as well as some other stuff,” said Wilton Town Clerk Lori Kaback.
“After talking with my staff, we have chosen to start preserving some of the minutes, which we are not allowed to destroy — they are permanent records — so we’ve decided to use the grant for that.”
Kaback said the grant would also “get the minutes out of the drawers and into nice, organized books,” making the records “much easier to find if somebody comes in and wants to go through the minutes.”

PDF vs. microfilm

Board member Richard Creeth asked why town hall still uses microfilm — which fellow board member Jeff Rutishauser said can be time-consuming — instead of scanning the records and making them PDF files that citizens can easily search.
“I don’t know if we’re capable of scanning on the scanning system we have,” Kaback replied.
“I’ll look into that,” she said. “If something were to happen in the vault and they got destroyed, we want them backed up so we can pull them out.”
However, Kaback said, the town is required, by law, to keep hard copies of the records — “even the land records,” she added.
“I have a lot of ideas going forward in trying to make those minutes really out there [easy for citizens to access],” she said, “but that’s a lot more money.”