Grand list shows surprising growth

The town’s grand list of taxable properties grew 0.651% in 2017, the largest increase in several years.

“It was a pleasant surprise,” said Anne Kelly-Lenz, the town’s chief financial officer, during a meeting of the Board of Selectmen March 5, during which she disclosed the increase.

The total grand list stands at $4.342 billion, up from $4.314 billion, she reported.

The increase won’t be final until after property owners have had an opportunity to appeal their tax assessments, she said.

The grand list represents the assessed value of all property — real estate, personal property and motor vehicles — in Wilton. It is one of the tools the Board of Finance will use in figuring the mill rate for fiscal year 2018-19. The board meets for its mill rate discussion Tuesday, April 3, and if needed, Wednesday, April 4, and Thursday, April 5.

Assessments are 70% of market value based on 2012, when the last revaluation took place. Grand list assessments will affect tax bills for July 1, 2018.

The grand list has been growing very modestly for the past several years. The 2016 grand list grew by only 0.27%, slightly better than the 0.2% growth in 2015. The 2014 grand list grew by 0.7%, but that was driven by an unusually high collection of penalties. Without that, former assessor David Lisowski had said, the growth would have been closer to 0.45%


For the 2017 grand list, there was slight growth in residential properties, which came in at $3.279 billion, up half a percent from $3.262 billion the previous year.

The greatest percentage increase was in motor vehicles and personal property, showing 3.09% growth at $478.287 million, up from $463.964 million.

Commercial properties were up 0.95% at $611.981 million, from $606.198 million.

One area, land use, actually dropped by 3.82%, to $405,220 from $421,320.