Giving back a raise

Though she recommended they not, Wilton’s selectmen voted at their board meeting on Dec. 7 to increase First Selectman Lynne Vanderslice’s salary by 2.5%.

This brought annual compensation for the position from $136,108 up to $139,511, and Vanderslice has pledged to donate the difference  — $3,403 — to the town each year.

Vanderslice told The Bulletin, “I had a number of reasons for my recommendation. Most significantly, the granting of a raise was inconsistent with the ideas and principles I put forth to the voters during the election.

“When the Board of Selectmen members returned from executive session and stated they had approved a 2.5% raise, I informed them I would be returning the amount to the town.

“The raise is now a permanent component of my compensation, thus I need to return it each year,” she said.