Girl Doe trial rescheduled for next year

Jury selection and a possible trial in a lawsuit pending against the town and Board of Education have been put off until March 6, 2018. They were originally scheduled for Nov. 1.

The lawsuit is Girl Doe PPA versus Wilton Board of Education et al, in which a Wilton family alleges their daughter was molested while a preschool student at Miller-Driscoll School.

The family claims the girl, referred to in court documents as Girl Doe, while in preschool at Miller-Driscoll, was molested by former paraprofessional Eric Von Kohorn who has been incarcerated on child pornography charges.

The postponement is the result of the family’s attorneys’ request for a continuance of the proceedings because a decision on the town’s motion to dismiss the case has not yet been ruled upon.

“If the motion is denied, the parties may wish to explore settlement as an alternative to trial,” the request says. The request was filed Oct. 3 with Stamford Superior Court and was granted on Oct. 5.

A trial management conference had been scheduled for Oct. 18, but that was continued to Feb. 14, 2018.