Gas station approved

Gas station renovations at 46 Danbury Road were approved Monday night, June 22, at the Planning and Zoning Commission meeting.
The principle of sign nonconformity was brought up again by Commissioner Bas Nabulsi.
Because the property is old, some regulations, like signage regulations, were not entirely satisfied by the application, and existing signs were allowed to be grandfathered in.
This time, Nabulsi pointed out there are “other people in this town that are competing with that gas station.”
“They haven’t had the luxury of this level of signage that this property is going to have,” he said.
Commissioner Doris Knapp noted there are not any other gas stations in town as old.
“Where else is there property with 45 years of longevity? And it’s undersized as well,” she said, adding that the property in question is one-sixth of an acre.
The application was unanimously approved.