Five zoning regulations rescinded

The Planning and Zoning Commission July 10 responded to a fatal flaw in five regulations approved during the past year by rescinding them all.

The meeting at the Brubeck Room of the Wilton Library drew 40 town residents, several of whom demanded more transparency and public notice from the commission.

“The idea is to set these back to the state they were in before they were approved,” said Town Attorney Ira Bloom, who discovered the flaws after after a resident filed a lawsuit drawing attention to how the age-restricted regulation was improperly publicized in legal advertising. The regulation took effect on the same day a legal ad announcing it appeared. There should have been a couple of weeks in between.

Now the commission must conduct public hearings for all the rescinded regulations and take them back to square one, Joe Fiteni, chairman of the commission, said at the meeting.

The process of vetting each regulation with full public transparency must be repeated, he said.

The regulations rescinded include:

  • Establishing provisions for temporary and portable lighting used at outdoor events;

  • Establishing procedures and provisions for age-restricted housing within single and multifamily zoning districts.

  • Modifying regulations to assisted-living developments and certain provisions pertaining to affordable housing;

  • Parking requirements for medical and dental clinics;

  • Zone change from residential to general business for 2.5 acres at 586 Danbury Road.

Another regulation that was to have been rescinded, allowing hotels within DE-5 and DE-10 districts, must be rescinded at a later time because it was still within its appeal period.

Casey Healy, attorney for Senior Living Development Co., which wants to build an assisted-living facility on the Danbury Road property that was Young’s Nurseries, said he is refiling the paperwork for that project.

The July 10 meeting at the library was to have been a big one, but was drastically curtailed and lasted only two and a half hours, compared to four hours or more as these meetings have run in recent months. Attorney Chris Russo asked for and received a postponement of his request, on behalf of Wilton resident Vicki Mavis, to exclude the Age-Restricted Overlay District from Ridgefield Road, which shortened the meeting. He will make that presentation July 24.

Also on July 24, the developer of a possible age-restricted project will make a presentation.
(This story was updated to include additional information.)