First selectman’s salary raised

Though she recommended they not, Wilton’s selectmen voted at the Board of Selectmen meeting on Dec. 7 to increase First Selectman Lynne Vanderslice’s salary by 2.5%, effective immediately.

Before the selectmen went into executive session to discuss the possibility of a raise, Vanderslice said publicly, “I would suggest that you don’t increase the salary beyond the current level.”

When they returned to open session, Selectman Michael Kaelin made a motion to increase the first selectman’s salary by 2.5%, bringing annual compensation for the position from $136,108 up to $139,511.

He was seconded by Dick Dubow and the resolution passed with the selectmen voting all-in-favor, with Vanderslice abstaining.

Vanderslice told The Bulletin, “I had a number of reasons for recommending no increase, not the least of which is, by maintaining the prior salary, I am acting consistently with the goal I articulated throughout [my] campaign of maintaining a flat Board of Selectmen budget.”