Firm finds faults in softball payments

Public accounting firm O’Connor Davies has found the Parks and Recreation Department has not been in compliance with its manual, which requires all fees to be paid in full before an individual registers to participate in a program.

The Wilton Finance Department asked the firm to look into the invoicing and receiving of payments for spring 2014 softball leagues during its audit of the department.

According to the firm’s report, there were four softball leagues last spring — Co-ed Softball, Sunday Softball, the Recreation Softball National League, and the Recreation Softball American League.

The firm said it received three invoices from the Parks and Recreation Department that were believed to be paid in full.

The only programs for which individuals do not have to pay in full before registering are those that are recurring and face space limitations, according to the manual.

“It came to our attention that the softball team, The Golden Oldies, disbanded and their account was cleared by the director of the Parks and Recreation Department [Steve Pierce],” the firm reported.

“The director informed us that the team was re-formed and that all outstanding and current fees have been collected.”

The firm recommended that the Parks and Recreation Department provide O’Connor Davies and the finance department with a “comprehensive list of outstanding fees owed,” to which the Parks and Recreation Department replied that it has collected and received all outstanding checks and fees.

The firm also recommended the department collect “any remaining fees owed for the softball leagues on a priority basis and collect all fees for individuals and groups prior to participation in any program offered by the department.”

The department said it will require all teams to pay prior to the beginning of the season and information on the league will be sent out in February.

“POs [purchase orders] will be accepted as payment should there be a delay in cutting checks for corporate teams,” it added.

Lastly, O’Connor Davies said only the staff of the finance department should have the ability to create and delete previous amounts owed, with which the Parks and Recreation Department agreed.