During its Feb. 27 meeting, the Board of Finance authorized the formation of a subcommittee that will work on creating a town survey to determine Wilton taxpayers’ spending priorities.

Since turnout at Annual Town Meetings has been “relatively light,” Board of Finance Chair Jeff Rutishauser said, the survey will be “another method to find out what voters’ priorities are.”

“Anything we can do to increase the participation of citizens,” said Rutishauser. “There are 18,000 in town and we only hear from a very small number of them.”

In addition to the formation of the working group, the finance board also approved the following individuals to serve on it:

  • Board of Finance member Richard Creeth;

  • Board of Selectmen member Deborah McFadden;

  • Board of Education member Deborah Low;

  • Planning and Zoning Commission member Sally Poundstone;

  • Economic Development Commission member John Kelly;

  • Wilton resident David Rothstein.

Rothstein has experience in the field of market research and volunteered to serve on the subcommittee, said Rutishauser.

As CEO of Norwalk-based market research and brand strategy company RTi Research, Rothstein has “managed, advised and consulted on many hundreds of research and brand strategy initiatives,” according to the company’s website. He is also the husband of Board of Education member Lory Rothstein.

According to Creeth, who proposed the formation of the working group in January, the subcommittee’s objective will be to “agree on the scope of the survey and prepare an RFP to go out to bid and get bids on doing a survey.”

Rutishauser said the subcommittee will follow “all the usual public meetings [requirements]” and the finance board will receive reports on its activity “starting next month.”