Finance board extends town auditor’s contract

The Board of Finance voted to extend BlumShapiro’s contract as the town’s auditors for another two years during its May 16 meeting.

“The previous contract was three years plus two one-year increments,” said Chief Financial Officer Anne Kelly-Lenz, who sought the board’s approval of an extension for “a couple different reasons.”

“They [BlumShapiro] have been great with all the changes we’ve been doing on our books and all changes we’ve been making internally,” she said, “and also with the risk assessment because I’m still going through that report … so I’m trying to keep BlumShapiro as our audit firm definitely for 2017.”

The board had three decisions on the table — to extend BlumShapiro’s contract, rebid another auditor, or renegotiate the price.

“My guess is that we’re happy with BlumShapiro, so rebidding to another firm is not something we are interested in,” said Board of Finance Chair Jeff Rutishauser.

Board member Richard Creeth said he’s been “very impressed” with the public accounting firm’s professionalism “every time they’ve presented to us.”

“We haven’t managed to ask a question yet that they couldn’t answer, which is a very good thing,” he said.