Facilities council could be ‘reactivated’

While it’s still technically active, the Council on Public Facilities has been “pretty much dormant for over two years,” First Selectman Lynne Vanderslice said at the March 7 Board of Selectmen meeting.

Certain developments in the works, however, have led her to the belief that it might be time to “reactivate” it.

Last week, Vanderslice said, she and Director of Facilities and Energy Management Chris Burney met with Malcolm Whyte, chair of the “dormant” council.

“Meeting with him, it seemed like there were some good reasons that we might want to reactivate that committee,” one of those reasons being that “there is a group that is looking to do a dog park,” she said.

“That’s something that would run through the Council on Public Facilities.”

“All those people are still on the committee, so I was going to get in touch with each of them and see where they stand, and then come back to you [with my findings],” Vanderslice told her fellow selectmen.

There was no further discussion on this matter at the March 7 meeting.