Discussions of town counsel continue

Selectmen, who have been developing a plan to solicit bids for a redefined town counsel role, decided at their March 7 meeting to continue their discussions to a later date.

“I think there’s still more discussions to be had, and I really would like to see models from other communities,” Selectman Dick Dubow said.

“We’ll go back and ask again,” said Vanderslice. Earlier, she said she and Chief Financial Officer Anne Kelly-Lenz had already made an attempt at this that did not yield much in the way of information.

Second Selectman Michael Kaelin clarified that at the last meeting, he wasn’t talking about hiring a staff attorney.

“Apparently, I wasn’t so clear when I was talking about this last time, because a lot of people got the impression that I was proposing that we hire an in-town employee, and I’m not proposing [that],” he said.

“What I was talking about was focusing more on what the town counsel, as currently constituted under the charter, does, in terms of functions and responsibilities.”