Canceled: Sensible Wilton discussion, BOS meeting tonight

Sensible Wilton supporters won’t get a chance to discuss their Miller-Driscoll revote petition with town officials tonight, Feb. 2, as today’s Board of Selectmen meeting has been canceled due to the weather.

First Selectman Bill Brennan announced the meeting's cancellation around 1 p.m. He said the meeting and agenda will be rescheduled "as soon as scheduling and calendar issues can be resolved."

Aside from Sensible Wilton’s petition, the board was also scheduled to discuss a Yankee Gas easement, and a Department of Transportation Master Municipal Agreement for Right of Way Projects.

Specific to Sensible Wilton, the board was scheduled to consider “a Petition requesting a Special Town Meeting be held to revote last September’s referendum authorizing funding for the Miller-Driscoll School renovation project.”

Town Counsel Ken Bernhard, who was scheduled to make an initial presentation during this consideration, has previously said the petition is not legally binding on the town.

In a legal opinion issued in November, Mr. Bernhard quoted Section C-9 B (4) of the town regulations, saying it “does not grant the authority to petition for a revote on a bond authorization,” as Sensible Wilton suggests.

Sensible Wilton maintains section C-9 of the Town Charter permits citizens the right to petition for a special town meeting to revote on town bonding issues.