Board of Selectmen looks to form capital projects committee

At Monday night’s Board of Selectmen’s meeting, First Selectman Bill Brennan announced plans to form a committee of concerned citizens to take a close look at “utilization of space in town facilities” and how renovation of municipal sites may affect other capital projects.

“There are big questions that need to be decided,” he said. “We need people who would be dedicated to looking at all the different options. I think this is an important project that you can’t keep pushing under the rug. There’s not much more we can do with the town hall. We’re in need of an intelligent, adult look at this problem.”

Mr. Brennan said he would reach out to a number of people he had in mind and the committee should be in place within a few weeks.

Library partnership

The Board of Selectmen voted to continue the public-private partnership it currently has with the Wilton Library Association, with some adjustments.

Mr. Brennan told the board the existing partnership “was worded to address issues having to do with construction and renovation of the library.”

The board agreed this language was no longer necessary, and voted to approve a new agreement that was focused more on the relationship after construction, which was completed several years ago.

Capital projects

Mr. Brennan reported the following:

• The Comstock roof project is nearly completed, and is expected to come in with a $25,000 to $30,000 surplus.

• The Middlebrook and Wilton High School bathroom project is complete, and came in with a $5,000 surplus.

• At Miller-Driscoll, architects have presented a review of the program, an 82-point school security checklist, and their concerns with mechanical systems issues and headroom issues. These are not major concerns, Mr. Brennan said. Because the pre-K program at the school has increased enrollment beyond expectations in recent weeks, the firm also provided guidance on how to change the plans. A cost assessment from the firm is expected soon.

• A Yankee Gas meeting was planned for Tuesday, Oct. 8, between Mr. Brennan, and the company’s representatives. “Both Yankee Gas and the town of Wilton are working together, closely, and repeatedly. Once an agreement is reached, we are ready to go. We’re going to get done one way or the other,” Mr. Brennan said.

DUI enforcement

The board unanimously accepted a grant from the state to fund a DUI and drug enforcement program.

Middlebrook Lane

With the blessing of the Department of Public Works, the board unanimously accepted 525 linear feet of public right-of-way called Middlebrook Lane to be made a town road.