Board approves health grant

The Board of Finance unanimously approved the Wilton Health Department’s acceptance of a $12,612 Preventive Health and Health Services Block Grant during its Aug. 18 meeting.
The grant is offered by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) and gives grantees the flexibility to use funds to:

  • Address emerging health issues and gaps.

  • Decrease premature death and disabilities by focusing on the leading preventable risk factors.

  • Work to achieve health equity and eliminate disparities by addressing the social determinants
    of health.

  • Support local programs to achieve healthy communities.

  • Establish data and surveillance to monitor the health services of targeted

Instead of an annual grant as in previous years, Health Department Director Barry Bogle told the board, the Connecticut Department of Public Health changed it to a three-year contract, which means the Wilton Health Department will receive funding for 2015-2017.
The Wilton Health Department plans to use the grant funding for “risk factor surveillance” of class three and class four food service establishment compliance.
“Our food service establishments are broken down into four classes,” said Bogle.
While class one and two establishments “generally cover basic coffee shops, hot-dog vendors and stuff like that,” said Bogle, class three and four establishments deal with potentially hazardous foods.
“A class three establishment prepares and handles potentially hazardous foods in a hot process that are held for less than four hours,” said Bogle. “Class four is four hours or more — a four-hour time period is the differentiation.”
Click here  for more information on the Preventive Health and Health Services Block Grant.