Bill Brennan wants to hear about 'major potholes'

Got an unsightly case of potholes on your road? Do you hit the same whopper of a ditch on your way to work every day?

If you have been noticing a bad pothole around town, First Selectman Bill Brennan wants to hear about it.

“The roads are in bad condition,” he said at Monday’s Board of Selectmen meeting. “We have a lot of potholes. What I’m trying to convey to the community is we are aware of a lot of the potholes, but we may not be aware of all of them.”

He went on to ask residents to report “major” potholes to his email address, so he can help get them filled.
“If there is a major pothole, not one a baseball could fit in, if people hit it they could lose control, I’m asking people to email me,” he said. “I will make sure it goes to the right organization, and it will be put on a list to be repaired and filled.”
He warned that filling potholes is only a temporary fix, especially in areas of high traffic.

“Filling doesn’t really last. It solves the problem for a couple of weeks, but it will come out. What we will do is keep filling them until the asphalt plant opens again,” he said.

To report a pothole, email the first selectman at