A year of regular meetings

Because it had not listed all its meetings for 2016 by Jan. 31 of that year, every meeting the Miller-Driscoll Building Committee had last year was considered a “special” meeting as opposed to a “regular” meeting. Having a meeting classified as special presents some limitations, specifically members may not change the agenda or talk about anything not on the agenda.

There is a reason for that. Citizens have a right — granted by the Freedom of Information Act — to look at a meeting agenda and reasonably assume those are the items that will be covered. If a committee goes off topic and begins to discuss something not on the agenda, citizens do not have the opportunity to hear what is being discussed or present their views during the public comment period.

This year will be different. At its Jan. 12 meeting, the committee voted to designate the second Thursday of each month as its meeting date. They are all posted on the committee’s website, millerdriscollbp.com. The next meeting is Feb. 9, 5 p.m., in the Wilton High School Library mezzanine.