The Hurlbutt Street Schoolhouse is getting a thorough sweeping and cleaning in preparation for the arrival of Wilton’s third-grade classes.
After a year-long hiatus from visits due to curriculum changes, the classes will return for their traditional trip back in time to learn how the children attended school in the past century.
The field trip has been a favorite of Wilton schoolchildren as they experience learning in a one-room schoolhouse, organizers say. They will read from authentic hornbooks and McGuffey readers, write on slate tablets, and use quill pens. They will also do sums on the blackboard and play games that were enjoyed many years ago when Wilton was an agrarian town.
Today, the schoolhouse features a pot-bellied stove, water pail and dipper, teaching charts and an outhouse, which organizers say is fascinating for the children. Students will be called to class by a bell mounted in a belfry above the front door.
The classes starting this week will be taught by parents of third graders who were trained in their role by committee members Linda Schmidt and Anne McMahon.