Wiltonian wins at tech challenge

Wilton native Nate Barone and his teammates won in the engineering category of the Connecticut Technology Council’s third annual College Tech Challenge and Hiring Fair on Nov. 15. The event was held at Sacred Heart University in Fairfield, where Barone is currently a sophomore.

The competition provides “the next generation of coders, app builders, engineers” the chance to “show what they’re made of, win prize money, and earn recognition as the top tech talent in the state,” according to the event’s website.

Sixteen public and private Connecticut-based colleges participated in this year’s competition, which began in September with challenges taking place at each campus. A total of 79 students moved on to compete in the November finals at Sacred Heart, where their engineering and coding ideas were assessed by judges.

For the competition, Barone and his teammates, Trevor Neal and Frank Catania, were challenged to provide a means to reduce driver-induced accidents.

The Trevor, Nate & Co. team researched subgroups of the phenomenon and found drowsy-driving to be a major contributor. As a solution, Barone and Neal developed a product to address drowsy-driving events, which they pitched to the judges.

Barone, who wants to be involved with carbon nanotube printing, said his interactions with the judges felt like “informal job interviews.”