Wilton public school water has ‘acceptable concentrations of lead’

In response to concerns about the water in Flint, Mich. public schools, the Wilton Public School District hired ATC Environmental Services to test the drinking water at its four public schools.

The water in Wilton’s schools tested significantly lower than the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA)’s required action level under the Safe Drinking Water Act.

On March 29, Ben Silverman, Connecticut Department of Public Health-licensed lead inspector risk assessor, collected 12 drinking water samples for lead analysis from Wilton's schools.

According to the ATC's report, the ATC coordinated with Wilton Public Schools District Supervisor John Murphy and maintenance staff "to ensure that an appropriate number of sources were flushed and left unused for no less than six hours and no more than 18 hours prior to sampling.”

Under the Safe Drinking Water Act, the EPA sets maximum allowable levels of contaminants and public water suppliers monitor drinking water to make sure it complies with public health standards.

The current EPA action level is 20 parts-per-billion (ppb), based on a first draw. The water in Wilton’s schools range from -1 to 2 ppb, according to the report the ATC sent the school district on April 7.

At 2 ppb, the girl's bathroom in Miller-Driscoll School's Ladybug Cottage had the highest lead concentration of the 12 water samples.

The following water sources each had a lead concentration of 1 ppb:

  • Wilton High School's D-Wing men's bathroom.

  • Wilton High School's second floor girl's bathroom in the new addition.

  • Cider Mill's third floor boy's bathroom at the library.

  • Middlebrook's second floor 7 Red water fountain.

  • Middlebrook’s 6 Red boy's bathroom.

  • Middlebrook’s women's bathroom at the media center.

  • Miller-Driscoll's Firefly Cottage water fountain.

The following water sources each had a lead concentration of -1 ppb:

  • The Wilton High School’s water fountain at Room 148.

  • Cider Mill's water fountain at Room C264.

  • Cider Mill's water fountain at the third floor elevator.

  • Miller-Driscoll's Wonderful Happens Cottage water fountain.

The analysis results of each drinking water sample was below the current EPA action level for lead in drinking water, according to ATC’s report, indicating “acceptable concentrations of lead in water.” No additional testing has been recommended by the ATC.

Click here to read the ATC’s report on the drinking water in Wilton's public schools.