Wilton defers TriState Consortium visit

Because of “the substantial leadership changes and revisions to curriculum that have taken place over the last several years,” Superintendent Kevin Smith announced in a Sept. 22 letter to the Board of Education, the Wilton Public School District has “deferred” a visit from the TriState Consortium.
The consortium is an organization of high-performing school districts in Connecticut, New York and New Jersey that provides feedback in support of raising student achievement through continuous improvement.
According to Smith’s letter, TriState Consortium membership requires “triennial assessment visits by members … who evaluate and report on district programs using an eight-indicator model designed to assess the degree to which districts have aligned curriculum, assessment and instruction.”
“Now that we have a stable leadership team in place, and a fairly well-developed revised curriculum in English Language Arts,” Smith wrote, “we have asked the TriState Consortium to send a team to conduct a ‘mini-consultancy’ and help us evaluate our current curriculum implementation.”
The goal of the two-day visit — on Wednesday, Nov. 29, and Thursday, Nov. 30 — will be to “establish a baseline understanding” of the district’s “current progress” and assist in “the creation of essential questions” that will guide its formal visit next school year, according to Smith.
During the “mini-consultancy” visit, a TriState Consortium visiting team will interview district administrators and teachers responsible for English language arts (ELA) and visit classrooms to observe ELA instruction.
Smith’s letter, which will be discussed at the Board of Education’s meeting on Thursday, Sept. 28, is available here.