— Bryan Haeffele photos

A student-written play by Wilton High School seniors Andrew Kelso, Nicholas Furst and George Murphy called Getcha Prom On will hit the Clune Center stage Thursday, Feb. 7, as this year’s Wilton High School senior show production.
“Getcha Prom On centers around a large group of teenagers trying to come up with the best way to ‘prompose’ to their prom dates,” said Andrew, and “the winner of prom king and queen is determined by who has the superior promposal.”
George said the show spotlights the “antics and drama” that unfolds during what Nicholas refers to as “the madness” of prom season.

Some of the key characters are:
"Quirky, cute and studious Zoe, played by Maddie Schattenfield.

"Smart, outgoing debate team member Brayden, played by Grant Jones.
"Popular student-athlete Jason, played by Ben Grass.
"Popular cheerleader Valerie, played by Cara Bates.
"Trendy, materialistic YouTube-star aspirant Lily, played by Molly Foster.
"Empowerment-seeking feminist Jessica, played by Jasmine Whittaker.
"Sweet and slightly dumb Collin, played by Andrew Senneff.

"Aspiring artist Maddox, played by Davis Langhoff.
"Teacher Ms. Meyers, played by Taylor White.
"Custodian Carl, played by AJ Eustace.
Getcha Prom On is directed and musically directed by Mary Jo Duffy, and choreographed by Andrea Metchick — both of whom, producer Marty Kozlowski said, have been involved in the school’s productions for years and focus on “the personality, interests, and individual strengths of each class.”

Kozlowski said the goal of the senior show is to “help each class shine while providing them with the opportunity to perform — many for the first time in their lives.”
Andrew said he loved last year’s student-written Senior Show production, and talked to Nicholas about trying to write a show together.
“Right from the beginning, we wanted to make a play that our peers could feel excited about rehearsing and performing for an audience,” he said.
“We went through a couple different show ideas before Mary Jo Duffy, the lead director of the show, reached out and suggested we do an ’80s prom-themed show.”
The boys began working on the play last summer, said Andrew, who “started conceptualizing different show ideas” with Nicholas last summer.
They sifted through “a couple different options in the fall,” he said, and started writing the final product “towards the beginning of the winter.”
“George very quickly joined us in the writing process and is just as much responsible for the success of the script as any of us,” said Andrew.
Altogether, Andrew said, it took roughly six weeks to make the final draft of the script.
“The hard part was not the actual writing — it was the formulation of ideas,” said George.
“Many ideas had to be switched around and edited to fit in dance numbers and music,” he said, “but I think our final product is the best version of our show.”
Andrew said it was “great to have [a] creative outlet” and he had “a lot of fun while writing the show.”
“I think we all grew to the point where we could comfortably question each other’s ideas while writing and try to come up with the best possible material,” he said.
Getcha Prom On show dates and times are as follows:

  • Thursday, Feb. 7, at 7:30.

  • Friday, Feb. 8, at 8.

  • Saturday, Feb. 9, at 5.

Tickets are $12. They are general admission and will be sold during the high school lunch waves, as well as at the door. Information: 203-834-4844.