Wilton High School investigates alleged SAT cheating

Two rumors began circulating around Wilton High School following the administration of the Connecticut SAT at the school on Wednesday, April 5.

The first rumor was that there was an incident of cheating on the test, and the second was that all students’ scores would be canceled as a result.

In a May 4 email to juniors and their parents, Wilton High School Principal Robert O’Donnell wrote that while the second rumor was not true, the first rumor may be.

“We are currently investigating one unconfirmed and isolated report of cheating on the test,” wrote O’Donnell, who told The Bulletin on May 11 that a student had contacted school administration on May 3, and said another student had cheated off him or her during the April 5 test day.

After learning this, O’Donnell said, school administration began investigating in “consultation with The College Board.”

Part of the scope of the investigation, he said, includes interviewing “students who may know about it,” as well as the proctor who was in the room during test-taking.

O’Donnell also told The Bulletin that nobody had reported cheating “soon after or during” the time the test was taken.

Other than the 2015 incident where a Wilton woman stole an SAT exam and was subsequently arrested, O’Donnell told The Bulletin he doesn’t know of any other SAT-related incidents like this having occurred at Wilton High School.

Although the investigation remains ongoing as of May 11, O’Donnell said, if it is found that a student did in fact cheat, he or she would be handled in accordance with the school’s Academic Integrity Policy, which can be found in the student handbook.