Wilton High School elects new class government officers

Twelve Wilton High School students were recently elected to serve in their respective class governments next school year.

For the 2017 class, Emma Braten was elected president, Lynne Huffard was elected vice president and Pippa Gosden was elected secretary.

For the 2018 class, Cameron Berg was elected president, Tor Aronson was elected vice president, Michael Wallace was elected secretary and Sibhinandan Thirumal Kumara was elected treasurer.

For the 2019 class, George Murphy was elected president, Ava Kaplan was elected vice president, and Maddie Burke, Ryan Frankel and Nicholas Koenigsberger were elected officers.

Election process

This year’s class government election process began with a mandatory meeting on April 4 and performance contracts due April 8.

Candidates had to submit their campaign posters to Assistant Principal Donald Schels by May 15, and their final speeches by April 26.

The next day, candidates shared their speeches and the first round of elections took place, via Google Forms, for the next two days.

Nomination solicitations and signups began May 2, and another mandatory meeting was held May 6.

Campaigning then commenced and another round of final speeches were due May 18. Speeches were shared that day, after which students again took to Google Forms to vote for class representatives.