It’s that time of the year again. Streamers, blue face paint, fearful freshmen, and the booming voices of spirited seniors fill the halls of Wilton High School during what I believe is the best week of the school year: Spirit Week.

What better way to bring the school together, welcome the freshmen, celebrate traditions, and get our student body excited for our homecoming game than to have everyone dress up in ridiculous outfits each day of the week?

As a freshman, I remember envying the seniors who got to wear togas on “toga day,” and draw all over freshmen, who secretly loved it. Now, it’s our turn.

What is hard to believe is that the group of kids that most of us seniors have been with since kindergarten has somehow evolved into the seniors that are repaying the favor to the current underclassmen.

Despite administrative efforts to tame Spirit Week antics last year, I have a feeling the class of 2014 will manage to finish off the last few days of Spirit Week with the same volume of spirit and enthusiasm as we have seen in years past.

Unfortunately, in recent years, several restrictions have been placed on spirit week festivities that have left the WHS seniors disheartened. Last year, underclassmen were asked to wash off the writing that seniors had so kindly covered their faces with throughout the beginning of the week.

Last year’s seniors did not let this stop them, though. On blue-white day nothing was stopping them from making their last day of Spirit Week one to remember. They knew that not allowing seniors to hunt down freshmen in the halls and bombard them with face paint (all in good humor, of course,) would end a WHS tradition.

My freshman year, the seniors decided to put a square made of duct tape in the middle of the senior hallway. The unlucky freshman that happened to step foot in the square was egged on by a crowd of seniors to do something along the lines of singing, dancing, or hopscotch. Who knows, maybe we will see that again this year.

Given the fact the seniors have waited so long to finally have our chance to rule the hallways, I have no doubt this year’s Spirit Week will live up to Wilton High School standards. The line-up for this year is as follows; Monday was “USA/America,” Tuesday was “class color day,” Wednesday followed with “sports day,” today was, at long last, “toga day,” and tomorrow we will end the week with “blue-white day.”

Freshmen, beware. There will be no lack of energy in the field house when we end the day with the pep rally and student faculty basketball game (always a highlight of the week for me).

The only problem is this Spirit Week will be a bittersweet experience for those of us who will be graduating in a few short months. This will be the fourth and final time the seniors get to partake in this schoolwide event we look forward to every year. Reality has kicked in that this truly is “the beginning of the end.”

As long as we make this Spirit Week one to remember, though, then we have done our job. Our hope is to leave the freshmen with the same sense of school spirit and community that we were exposed to after Spirit Week our freshman year. As for the rest of Wilton, I hope to see you showing some Warrior pride at this weekend’s homecoming game against Ridgefield.

Brooke Connolly is a senior at Wilton High School. She shares this column with five classmates.