The fourth annual Wilton TechExpo will be held at Miller-Driscoll School on April 3, presented by the Wilton Public Schools and the Technology Committee. Students who use technology in a clever way outside of school will be showcased.

These “child innovators” can be nominated to be a part of the Expo by visiting The various educational technology on display will include SMARTBoards, special education technology, classroom response systems, Edline, and more.

“The ability to demonstrate concepts, engage the student and facilitate fact finding allows me to cover more material, in more depth and to simultaneously change the approach for different learning styles,” said Nick Taylor, instructional leader at Cider Mill.

This year the TechExpo will feature more than 20 rooms and 40 presenters. The objective of the expo is to educate parents about the importance of technology in the educational process. Hands-on demonstrations by teachers and students will illustrate how technology is integrated into many aspects of the curriculum.

The TechExpo is a collaboration of many groups in Wilton. The Technology Advisory Committee is composed of volunteers, staff, and the IT team and will be supported by volunteers from the Parent Advisory Board and the PTAs.