Superintendent Kevin Smith announced at the Board of Education’s Feb. 22 meeting that he will be working with a group of superintendents from across the country to “push a national agenda … that addresses both mental health and responsible gun control.”

“As I do my own reflection [on] the shooting in Florida, I continue to find myself at a loss for words over this senseless murder of innocence,” Smith said.

“I’m outraged by the ease of access to automatic weapons, and I’m confused about the politicization of the act and the corresponding polarized pundentry. These are our children and we have to ask: What are we doing?”

Smith said the “grassroots, informal” group first gathered during a National Convention on Education two weeks ago.

Smith said all participating superintendents are members of AASA, The School Superintendents Association, and have graduated from its National Superintendents Certification Program.

“Our goal was to identify policy areas that we want our national organization to pursue,” Smith told The Bulletin.

“The first meeting was organizational and sought to identify those issues. This group readily agreed that prioritizing student mental health was essential.”

At the group's first gathering, Smith told the education board, “it was clear that superintendents could agree that none of us could guarantee the safety of children, but some of us in the room weren’t willing to confront all of the issues — and these are our nation’s superintendents.”

Smith told the board he remains “affirmed and proud” to work in Wilton and alongside the members of Wilton’s Board of Education.

“I’m proud to be counted among this community’s leaders, who are dedicated to bringing this community closer together,” he said.

“We have a great deal of work to do on the academic front — on the mental health front — but also a great deal to be proud of.”