School district seeks special education grants

During its May 12 meeting, the Wilton Board of Education voted to submit an application to the Connecticut Department of Education seeking $114,452 in grant funding under the Individuals with Disabilities Education Improvement Act (IDEA).

The district is seeking $801,450 in special education assistance grants for all children with disabilities (Section 611) and $33,002 in grants for preschool children with disabilities (Section 619) for July 1, 2016 through June 30, 2018.

According to the district’s application, the $801,450 in Section 611 grant funding would be allocated as follows:

  • Instructional salaries: $728,560.

  • Non-instructional salaries: $64,084.

  • Non-payroll pupil services: $6,193.

  • Parent activities: $2,000.

  • In-service: $613.

The $33,002 in Section 619 grant funding would all go to instructional salaries.

Section 611

In the Section 611 application, the district lists the following planned special education activities relating to these goals:

  • Providing staff professional development activities in designing and delivering academic interventions, focused primarily on reading and math.

  • Providing ongoing professional development activities for special education and related staff on eligibility determination, criteria per disability category, procedures for annual and triennial review.

  • Continuing supports delivered in general education classrooms in compliance with least restrictive policies and practices.

  • Providing ongoing staff professional development activities on special education regulations, laws and best practices, with specific focus on written development of the IEP (Individualized Education Program) and progress monitoring.

  • Providing ongoing district-wide administrative training on special education regulations, laws and best practices to “ensure effective, procedural compliance PPT meetings.”

  • Providing training to district-wide staff in physical management training to “ensure student and staff skills in de-escalating behaviors of concern.”

Section 619

In the Section 619 application, the district lists the following planned special education activities relating to these goals:

  • Providing professional development activities to “ensure that preschool curriculum, activities and services are aligned to the Connecticut State Preschool framework.”

  • Providing instruction and related services “designed to provide support that is individually designed to support the students’ unique language, functional, socialization and learning needs.”

  • Providing ongoing support to the PAB to “foster parent involvement and communication, collaboration with the district and liaison with parents of students recently placed.”

  • Strengthening ongoing communication with district staff and community to “relevant special education topics, legal updates, current research and IEP/PPT training.”

To view the Wilton school district’s IDEA grant application, visit .