SAT cheating rumor is unfounded, school says

The rumor that an incident of cheating occurred when the Connecticut SAT was given April 5 at Wilton High School has been laid to rest.

Principal Robert O’Donnell sent a letter to students and parents on Friday, May 26, indicating there is no evidence to support the rumor.

“On May 4, 2017, I sent a letter to you informing you of an unconfirmed and isolated report of cheating on the April 5 Connecticut SAT,” he wrote to juniors and their parents.  “Wilton High School and the College Board investigated this matter.  

“As a follow up, I am writing to inform you that the Office of Testing Integrity (OTI) of the Educational Testing Service performed an administrative review of the scores in question from the April 5, 2017, SAT administration and found no concerns with these scores. There was no evidence to support the rumors which have been circulating since the release of the scores.

“Wilton High School has officially closed the investigation into these allegations of cheating on the April 5 SAT exam.”  

O’Donnell told The Bulletin on May 11 that a student had contacted school administration on May 3 and said another student had cheated off him or her during the  test.

As part of an investigation in consultation with the College Board, which owns the SAT, school administrators interviewed students and the proctor in the room where the test was taken.

O’Donnell also told The Bulletin that no one had reported cheating “soon after or during” the time the test was taken.