At the Board of Education’s Feb. 22 meeting, Wilton resident Nina Depeugh expressed concern about the possibility of Wilton public school students getting out as late as June 27 this year.

On Feb. 9, Superintendent Kevin Smith announced that the last day of school had been pushed to June 22, as a result of five snow closings so far this year. He also provided an updated calendar, which noted that the last day of school will be “no later” than Wednesday, June 27.

The last day of school was originally scheduled for June 15.

“I don’t know if the school board realizes that many camps, including those local to Wilton, start June 25,” said Depeugh.

“I find this to be very disruptive to the summer … and I just feel like keeping kids in school until the end of June is kind of absurd.”

Not only is it “not in line with what the rest of the country does,” she said, but it’s “disruptive to families and their vacation plans [and] children who have internships and camps that they go to.”

Depeugh said she believes the board would be doing a “disservice” by keeping children in school so late. At that point, she said, many of them, as well as their teachers, are “already checked out.”