Parents invited to Parent Math Night with expert

Helping a child with math homework can be a stress-inducing activity.

Parents interested in learning more about the math their children are being taught are invited to join K-12 teachers at Wilton Public Schools’ Parent Math Night on Thursday, Aug. 25, 7 p.m., in the Wilton High School Little Theater.

The workshop will be led by Singapore Math expert Dr. Yeap Ban Har, who will discuss mathematics teaching that emphasizes not just knowing how but also knowing why.

Singapore Math is a teaching method and curriculum based on a framework developed by Singapore’s Ministry of Education that emphasizes mastery of concepts through dynamic problem-solving and communication. According to Singapore Math, Inc., it is a “concrete, pictorial, and abstract method” that “underscores real-world application of math,” through which students move from hands-on activities to pictorial representations to numbers.

Ban Har is principal of the Marshall Cavendish Institute in Singapore, director of curriculum and professional development at the Pathlight School in Singapore, as well as a researcher and mathematics textbook author. To learn more about him, visit

The Parent Math Night is being offered as part of the school district’s commitment to continuing professional development. Questions may be directed to