PGP 2016 scavenger hunt begins on Instagram

As the end of the school year nears, this year’s Wilton High School seniors have the chance to figure out the theme of their June 18 Post Graduation Party (PGP).

The PGP is a culmination of a five-and-a-half-year Wilton Class Project, designed to bring parents together and provide safe, substance-free, student-driven activities. Parents who join the PGP Committee begin fundraising when their children are in the seventh grade.

The annual Wilton tradition is planned and funded by the families of the seniors with donations from locally-owned businesses.

The party theme remains a well-kept secret, as the PGP 2016 all-volunteer committee — led by senior parents Callie Mellana and Jayne Sullivan — has worked tirelessly to pull off a memorable event of epic proportions.

PGP signs have started popping up around town, directing students and community residents alike to check out the @WHSPGP2016 Instagram page, where clues are being revealed.

Here are the PGP 2016 clues as of May 26:

The theme of the 2016 PGP will officially be revealed in early June.