Miller-Driscoll students interview project supervisor

Now that construction at Miller-Driscoll School can be seen and heard every day, the students have embraced it in a most modern way.

Members of Miller-Driscoll Television (MDTV), an after-school video production club offered by Wilton Continuing Education, recently interviewed Sean Tierney, supervisor of the Miller-Driscoll renovation project.

“They asked Sean Tierney really interesting questions, one of which was, ‘What happens if it doesn’t turn out the way you thought it would?’” interim Miller-Driscoll Principal Bernadette Hess said during the Board of Education’s Feb. 4 meeting.

Hess said the students also asked about “all the trucks,” which machines are used most, which are the strongest, and if the construction crew can dig and build when the ground is frozen.

“It’s been a lot of fun, and the kids are really embracing all the excitement that’s going on,” said Hess.

The interview with Tierney will be available on the Miller-Driscoll School website and Miller-Driscoll Building Committee website.

Miller-Driscoll’s new studio, which doubles as a staff lounge during lunch hours, was built with the help of a Wilton Education Foundation grant last year.