Maudsley appointed to U.S. Merchant Marine Academy

John Maudsley, a 2016 Wilton High School graduate, has accepted an offer of appointment to the U.S. Merchant Marine Academy (USMMA).

The USMMA is a federal service academy in Kings Point, N.Y., that educates and graduates licensed Merchant Marine officers to serve America’s marine transportation and defense needs at all times.

John said there were “a lot of factors” that went into his decision to go to the academy, but the biggest influence was his brother, Max, who is in his second year there.

“He always shares his experiences with me about his time at the school,” said John. “I’ve always been really close with my brother, and when he tells me how much he loves it there, it definitely convinced me to join him there.”

The opportunity to travel the world while enrolled at the academy was another “huge factor,” John said, as well as “the myriad of opportunities you’re given for service and work after graduation.”

John said he’s decided to major in maritime transportation.

“I’ll basically be learning about the business aspects of the maritime industry,” he said, “as well as how to serve on a merchant ship as an officer.”

John and other freshmen cadets will report to the academy on June 28 for a month of boot camp, immediately followed by classes.

“I would be lying if I said I wasn’t nervous about boot camp,” said John, “but once that is over, it’ll be a huge weight off my shoulders.”

Because of the one-year requirement at sea, John said, the four-year work load is accelerated into three years, “so it’s going to be a lot of classes and studying, for sure.”

However, John said, he is confident his experiences at Wilton High School have prepared him with “a good work ethic to get through that.”

John said he is most excited about “going out to sea and traveling the world” during his time at the academy.

“The academy requires every student to have one full year at sea, and it’s split into two different time periods,” he said. “One four-month outing after your freshman year, and one eight-month outing during your sophomore year.”

John said he is “eager to experience the cultures and lifestyles of people all over the globe” and to expand his horizon outside of his world in Wilton.  

“Once I graduate, I hope to become the captain of a ship and continue my travels and experiences around the world,” said John.

“It’s definitely a huge responsibility, but I look forward to learning more about ships and how to run the whole operation.”

John said he thanks all his friends and family for supporting and believing in him.

“I’ll definitely miss everyone back in Wilton and can’t wait to come back and visit,” he said.

John graduated from Wilton High School as an honor roll student and varsity boys lacrosse midfielder. In addition to playing basketball freshman and sophomore year, he was also involved in several clubs, including Key Club, Model UN, and Economics Club.

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