Kelly-Lenz assumes dual finance director role

With the Sept. 1 expiration of Dick Huot’s term as interim financial director for the Wilton Board Education, the town’s chief financial officer, Anne Kelly-Lenz, has “assumed the additional responsibilities” as the board’s new interim director, First Selectman Lynne Vanderslice announced during the Board of Finance’s Sept. 19 meeting.

Kelly-Lenz will serve the role for “a budget season,” said Vanderslice. After that, Vanderslice, Superintendent Kevin Smith and the Board of Education will “assess if it works and makes sense on a permanent basis.”

“Anne’s been really excited about the idea because they [the Board of Education] record their transactions over on their books, but we also record them on ours and there’s a lot of manual reconciliations that go on,” said Vanderslice.

“If we’re all on a team, that eliminates a lot of that and if we get them onto the same software, then it completely goes away.”

Vanderslice said the town of Wilton’s current $420,000 favorability forecast for fiscal year 2018 does not include “the savings that could come about if we do have Anne serve that dual role.”

“It could be $150,000 or so if we don’t have to hire somebody else,” she said.

“If we have to hire somebody else, it could be that we end up saving only benefits and some salary differential.”

Vanderslice said none of that is in the forecast for the Board of Selectmen this year.